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How to schedule tweets on

Arjunpublished on June 5, 2020 & last updated on September 14, 2020

Twitter finally lets you schedule tweets natively. It was only previously available via the ads manager or using a third party platform like hootsuite.

Do note that its not available on the twitter app yet. It's only available via

Here's how to schedule tweets via

Step 1

Go to and compose your tweet.

Step 2

Once you have composed your tweet, click on the calendar icon on the bottom to bring up the scheduling window.

Twitter Scheduling
Step 3

Click on the drop-down menus to set the desired date & time that you need your tweet to go out.

Twitter Scheduling
Step 4

Once you have set the date & time for your tweet, click confirm.

Step 5

Click on "schedule" to finish scheduling your tweet.

That's it, your tweet will be live according to the date & time that you've set.

Although tweet scheduling is not something new, scheduling from is new. This is especially useful for tweets where you have to tag someone on a photo in the tweet or if you don't use a third-party platform to schedule your social media.

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