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Best place to Register, Renew and Transfer your Domain name

Varmapublished on October 4, 2017 & last updated on January 18, 2022

One of the frequent questions I get is the best place to purchase a domain name. Normally, one would buy a domain name when they see a discount or offer. Most of the time their precious domain name end up with an unknown third-party reseller domain registrar. There won't be a proper domain management control panel (DNS management) or support. Even transferring your domain out from this 'less popular' domain registrars is a difficult task. Finally, you end up paying way more the next year for its renewal.

If you are planning to purchase a domain and actually going to use it for your website or blog, then finding the best place to register your domain name is important. It's because you're going to be with the domain registrar for years to come.

Best place to Register, Renew and Transfer your Domain name

While deciding to where actually register my domain name, I try to do a background check of the domain registrar.

  • The domain pricing for registering, renewals and transfers. We tend to register a domain name by seeing the initial first-year discount offers a by a domain registrar. Keep a watch on the domain name renewal price, as you can avoid a bill shock after a year.
  • Is the domain register support the domain extension I'm looking to register.
  • Is there good support provided by the domain registrar. If possible, check if there is local language support offered.
  • How old the company and various other service offered by them.
  • How active they are on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Is there a good, easy-to-use control panel to manage the domain names.

This is some of the questions that pop up in my mind. But choosing the best company to register your domain name, depends on your need, trust and comfort using it. Here some of the best and popular domain registrars who have been trusted by millions of customers like you. is one of the leading domain name services company and it's also my favourite domain registrar. They offer one of the cheapest pricing for domain registration and renewals (thanks to their monthly discount coupons). They are pretty consistent with the domain name pricing and offers superb customer support. Domain registrar Features

Domain name registration starts as low as $1.99 (well, without discounts) and you can choose from the massive list of domain extensions. They have all the new speciality domains like .DESIGN, .SHOP, .ONLINE, .BLOG etc, at the lowest price.

One thing I loved about is the ability to quickly search for Premium domain name, and expiring domain names. You can't miss out the chance to grab a really cool domain name from that list. From time to time, also offers big discounts on Premium Domain names. has a simple and easy to use UI to manage the domains and configure domain DNS. Both newbies and pro users will find the domain management control panel pretty easy to use without much difficulty.

In addition to all this, offers free WHOIS privacy for supported domains. You can get the free WHOIS privacy while registering a domain name, transferring a domain and also while renewing it after a year or so. As for payment option, supports, Paypal, Credit Card and Debit Card payments.


Well, it's pretty evident from the company name itself - NameCheap. They are one of the popular domain registrars offering affordable domain name registration, transfer and renewals. You can register a domain name for as low as $0.48. and usually, comes with free WhoisGuard.

NameCheap Domain registrar Features

NameCheap has been known for its awesome customer support (available 24/7), quality of service and reliable domain management. It's evident from their ratings and reviews by customers on Shopper Approved. They have one of the best domain management console which is intuitive and powerful.

Google Domains

The name is enough, I think. Google has finally come out with its own domain registrar service called Google Domains. It's simple and easy to use as any other service they offer.

Domains registered with Google Domains share the same DNS servers as Google. This means your domain name resolves quickly to your website. They have a simple-to-use, robust domain management tool. With this, you can quickly manage domain DNS records, configure TTL, integrate with Google services (like Google App Engine or G Suite) and even set up Dynamic DNS.

Google Domains Domain registrar Features

Domain name pricing starts at $12 per year on Google Domains and you hardly get any discounts. Every purchase or transfer of a domain name comes with free private registration or Whois Guard.

The best part of owning a domain with Google Domains is that everything is integrated with your Google account. Like, you may already have payment information set up under your Google account and can easily use that to register your domain name. Of course, you get the best security and reliability for your domain name with Google Domains.


There are also lots of companies who are not quite a dedicated domain registrars. You probably tend to register a domain with them while using other services offered by them. Like, during signing up for web hosting, private or business email services, WordPress website hosting and so on.

Godaddy - they are one of the largest domain name registrars and comes with award-winning, 24/7 support. You have an option to choose from 100's of domain extensions at low prices. They have simple-to-use domain management tool (well, not that simple to use) and easy to connect with their other services like web hosting, private email etc.

Hostgator - they usually offer free domain name with every web hosting plan. You can also register and manage all of your domains in one easy-to-use control panel.

Bluehost - you get a free domain name with their web hosting plans. Bluehost offers a feature-rich domain manager where you can easily track, update, transfer, purchase, and administer all of your domains. You only get a limited choice of the top-level domain extension (14 TLDs) to register.

BigRock - They offer one of the cheapest prices for top-level domain name registration, transfer and renewals. You also get round the clock assistance to your support needs. You can also avail other services like web hosting and private email registration with them.

Hope you have found your favourite domain registrar. The above list of a domain registrar is by no means an exhaustive list of where you can purchase a domain name. It all depends on your convenience, trust and easiness to use them.

Which is your favourite domain registrar to purchase a domain name? Or, do you feel any other domain registrar to be included in the above list? Let me know in the comment section below.

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